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The opportunities to invest in Andorra buying a new property

Andorra is a good place to invest. Not only because of the low taxation we have mentioned at other times, but also because of its large number of opportunities. Today we will talk about the possibility of investing buying a new property.


The Andorran housing market for new housing has been experiencing a rise that coincides with the economic recovery after the crisis. Last year there was a trend change from bearish to bullish and this is consolidating. The properties in Andorra are prepared to withstand the cold and this affects their durability, which is much higher than in the peninsula, making them generally more stable investments.


On the other hand, the rental market has increased its prices quite due to the excess demand, mainly in the central parishes. If you invest in a new home, renting it is a great option that is profitable. It will be easy to find people who want to live in our flat and we can even be selective with the tenants without fear that out flat will be empty.


The price of the flats is comparatively greater to the one of Spain generally by its more robust construction. That is, the general price of the property is higher than its counterpart in other places (although prices are less than Barcelona) but this is due to construction factors rather than market factors such as supply and demand. It is also possible to say that the price variability between parishes is quite strong, so finding prices adapted to the situation of the buyer inside the country is important.


Finally, construction is quite important in the country so new or pre-owned floors are easy to find. Construction has grown as the country's demography has done so finding new or low-life housing is fairly straightforward.


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