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Online Marketing for Business: Consumer Expectations and Post-Purchase Satisfaction

When it comes to marketing of any kind, it is very important to take into account consumer expectations. In the end, It is the thing that will determine if someone is satisfied or not after the purchase. Online, a critique can become painful in terms of image (not always, depends on many factors). But not only that, It will also be critical in the buying decision process.


In the four phases of Inbound Marketing (attract, convert, close and delight), expectations come into play throughout the process, but especially in the last two. The closure will depend on what someone believes he is buying and then evaluate if it matches what he thought.


It is important to emphasize that expectations are something personal that depends on the knowledge and experiences of each one. They will be different for each person. There will be those who tend to have them above reality.  However, we must avoid as far as possible common errors of interpretation.


Whenever a communication is made, someone says something and another person receives and decodes that message. The process is actually quite complex and given to errors. Imagine that, in the attract phase, we talk about certain things that may be interesting to someone, but we do not offer. That is, we are simply guiding, but that person has understood that we are offering it and moves on to the conversion phase thinking that we can offer it. If the misunderstanding did not occur, it usually happens that that person would have bought our product anyway, but he would not have that feeling of breaking expectations.


It may even be a little thing that we take for granted because it is normal, but the other person does not know that thing (this is very common). We may even have told him that we do not offer it, but it has not been clear to him and he continues to think so. When the product or service arrives there will be disappointment over the breach of expectations. It is important to know what our partner has understood during the process. If the misunderstanding still occurs, it is necessary to detect it in the last phase to correct them.


From such a simple thing depends the satisfaction of many consumers and that they repeat and give us good or bad reviews that attract or frighten new customers.



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