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How is the Law with tourist apartments in Andorra?

Andorra is a country that takes great care of its tourism industry. They are with banking and trade one of the most important. For this reason, the legislation that regulates the tourist apartments is quite rigorous.


Unlike Spain, the rental of tourist apartments has a series of quality requirements that, if not met, is impossible to exploit. They must have furniture, facilities, services and be equipped to prepare cold and hot food and to keep it afterwards.


In addition, they are obliged to sign a third-party liability insurance policy for damages that they must file when required by the Government. That is to say, it requires a minimum of quality, as well as insurance cover, to ensure that the stay is as pleasant as possible while ensuring that this type of rental does not disturb the neighbors.


In fact, there is already approved a bill that includes even that a block can veto a house for tourist rental if they cause discomfort to the neighbors.


As for the procedure to register a tourist accommodation, it is not enough to put it on a website dedicated to this type of leases. There is a clear normative:


First, the commercial name must be reserved in the Comú of the parish where the lodging is located.


Second, you must request permission to open the commercial establishment in the activity of tourist accommodation, in the form of tourist apartment. That is, as if it were any other type of business, which is what it will be after all.


Third, the classification of the Government of Andorra, with which a category will be assigned, is required. That is to say, tourist apartments in this country also have a star system, as well as hotels, so that the user knows the quality offered in advance with certain security.


Fourth, they must be registered in the Tourist Accommodation Occupancy Register (ROAT). This is a government registry to which they must notify the number and identity of the guests they receive, whose purposes are for police and statistical use, as is the case in other European countries.


Obviously, there are also claims sheets in tourist establishments in Andorra. When making a claim, it is important that you carry two sheets: a rose that remains for you and a white one that you must send to the ministry in charge of tourism, accompanied by the evidence you deem appropriate.


As can be seen, tourism in Andorra has legislation that seeks to give, above all, guarantees to visitors. This post will be useful for visitors, but also for those who have decided to live in Andorra, as the system is also designed to control and channel tourist flows.


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