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Why does the new consumer demand inbound marketing?

I have always thought that to do something well you have to understand what is done and why. Hence, I want to talk about the inbound concept in online marketing for companies. I do not want to stay in the difference between outbound and inbound of "before, the company went to the consumer and now it is the consumer who chooses the company". I want to reflect on why.

We have been living a strong technological revolution for a couple of decades. This means changes, not only at a productive level but also at a social level. Inbound marketing is not only done because we can, because the Internet is there, but because the consumer himself demands it.

The basis of the change lies in the access and data management capacity we have today. Fifteen years ago, if we had shown a cell phone and what it does, we would probably have been burned for witchcraft. Today, in a supermarket we can stop in front of a product and check their quality, prices, comments, and so on. Of course, we dont need the salesman in this process. In fact, its presence is usually annoying. Well, this attitude also replicates when we are only online.

As a society, we have transferred many of our interactions to the Internet medium. Actually, when we say this, we usually think of the network as something ethereal, apart. Actually, it is not. The Internet is a medium like the others, which we use just as if we were talking in person, on the phone or using two yogurts tied with a rope. Understanding this is very important.

What if you are talking and someone interrupts you? It's annoying. That's why classic outbound marketing is losing profitability fast. But do not think that I mean only conversations between people. The key here is in a sender-receiver requesting data and waiting for a response. It could be you asking Google for that product. That's why TV advertising annoys a lot less than on the Internet. With the TV you sit and see what they put, on the Internet you request information and wait for the answer. If they do not respond to what you requested, bad business. You are no longer passive but active.

Well, inbound marketing is just that: someone asking. You can not respond with your product because you have not been asked for it. First you must answer the question they asked you and, when it comes down to it, if it is a useful solution, offer it. So before you anticipated the questions they can ask you and left the possible answers. Seen this way I think its operation is much better understood.



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