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Online marketing for companies: Identity, coherence and social networks.

Continuing with the basics of marketing and how to apply them to the online environment, I want to go into the part that forms the identity and explain how it is applied in social networks.

Corporate identity, that is, how the company is conceived, is made up of three elements: corporate visual identity, corporate culture and corporate behavior. The important thing about this is that the three should be always consistent.

Corporate visual identity is the part we see. It is a group of logos, corporate colors, uniforms, stationery format. In a web or social network, the same: logos, colors, images, all the visual elements. Many times this part is not well defined and we fall into the error of changing colors and images as we seem.

The ideal is to define some corporate elements and repeat them. A logo, some colors, some lines of design that will work with time. After a year, just by seeing them, your brand will be associated with them. You will no longer have to say that it is you, it will be like when you see a drawing and you know who did it because you detect the style of the artist.

Corporate culture is the way of thinking of the company. What you believe, how you see the world, what attitudes and experiences you have and, above all, what values. This part should be reflected in our network interactions and be consistent with visual identity (and with corporate behavior). It is no good to think that we are good at something if the graphic elements do not reflect it. Or that our company values low prices if we then use images worthy of expensive jewelry. if we see ourselves in a specific way, we must act and dress in the same way.

The third part that forms the identity is the corporate behavior: what we do. In fact, we have talked about it all the time because that is where coherence often breaks down. Corporate behavior is the actions, the ways of proceeding, both at the functional level and social behavior. The important thing is the consistency, otherwise the identity and the image do not match.

For example, if a company says and believes to be very reliable, its visual identity communicates reliability, but then it is not at the level that has been expressed, the public image will be that it is not reliable and also lies.

I guess you're thinking "but you're not going to say you're not reliable". It is not about that, but about the expectations of the receiver. There are people willing to pay more for an extra reliability, there is another that dont care that or their tolerance level is higher. There are even companies that openly communicate negative elements, as did Ryanair when it told about carrying passengers on foot (they knew full well that European safety regulations would never leave them). In addition, they did it hoping for disturbance in social networks. But they were consistent. They thought that the important thing is to take passengers at a low price. So the consumer saw it clearly: they carry you very cheap because they lower quality. It was very good for they, but for Lufthansa would be very bad. Why? For consistency.

It is very important to keep in mind what way of identity we have and why it should be consistent when conducting online marketing for companies. The Internet is a medium that allows us to express ourselves and have horizontal contact with the public, but also elevates the competition. If we are clear about how we are and how we want to be, we can achieve the desired image because only telling is not enough. If we do it well, the online environment is a very powerful tool to achieve it.

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