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Requirements to work in Andorra.

Most of the residence permits that are requested in Andorra are linked to the labor field. Responding to numerous requests for information that have come to us, in this post we wanted to gather the formal requirements to work in Andorra.

To begin, these two conditions must be met:

- That there is a demand or actual quota of work in the activity that is wanted to perform.
- That a company legalized in Andorra offers work in a specific activity.

Work permits in Andorra


All the necessary documents can be consulted on the immigration website of the Government of Andorra.

1- To work permanently:

Procedure A-1 (initial work authorization): authorizes to reside and work in Andorra effectively.

The first authorization is valid for one year and can be renewed three times for two-year periods (process A-2). After seven years, successive renewals are valid for ten years, unless an agreement has been signed with the Principality.

2- To reside and work temporarily:

The procedure G-1 should be consulted.

3- To work permanently with residence in border area:

We must consult procedures C-1 (initial border authorization) and C-2 (border renewal authorization).

4- To work temporarily with residence in border area:

We should consult G-2.

5- To work temporarily for a maximum period of 30 calendar days as a self-employed foreigner or on behalf of a non-Andorran company:

We need to consult step H-1.

6- To work temporarily as a self-employed or non-Andorran company worker:

The permit must be to be requested by whoever wishes to make the corresponding recruitment. The duration should not exceed six months.

Step H-2.

7- Finally, you can work in Andorra as a staff member (teacher or not) of an Andorran teaching center:

It is necessary to have an address in Andorra and to consult the corresponding Embassy or Consulate.

Step E-1 (initial authorization) or step E-2 (renewal authorization).


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