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Social networks for businesses

If your company still does not have a presence in social networks and you are thinking about jumping into this exciting world, you probably have many doubts about how to do it: Should I be present on all platforms? What content should I publish? Who should manage them? From PSF, we give you some brief tips that we hope will be useful to you when planning your strategy.


To the question of whether you must be present in all networks, the answer is that it is not necessary. Some companies launch themselves without thinking to open profiles and accounts, dedicating resources and time when it is not essential. The most important thing is not to be everywhere, but to be in the networks that allow us to reach our goals (to make known the brand, to promote my products ...) and in which our target is. Although the most common are Facebook and Twitter, we should not rule out other platforms that can be especially interesting depending on the business we are in. For example for a clothing store it would probably be interesting to be in Instagram or for a company that sells to other companies (B2B) would be very convenient to have a profile on LinkedIn.


The publications must be adapted to the social network in which we are. We do not share the same thing in LinkedIn (a business and employment oriented network) than in Facebook, for example and we must always publish content of value. That is, contents that interest our customers because they solve their doubts or information needs. It is very common to make the mistake of thinking that the best way to reach our audience is to talk constantly about our company and certainly not.


Regarding to who should manage them, if you delegate this task to someone in the company he must be aware of two factors: to know the brand well and to know how to manage the different platforms chosen. If you do not have qualified staff, it is best to outsource this task to a consultancy or agency.

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