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What are the advantages of buying an electric car in Andorra?

Andorra has been in a short time among the first countries of Europe in terms of registration of electric cars, with 5% over the total. Although it may seem a small figure, compared to 0.2% of Spain or 1.2% of France, this is a not inconsiderable figure, only surpassed by Norway and the Netherlands that with 23% and 10% are already in much higher numbers. This increase, which has occurred largely during the last two years, is due in main part to a program of development of the electric vehicle that has been promoted by the Andorran government called Pla Engega.
What does the aid program for the purchase of electric cars in Andorra include?


  • Aid in the purchase of pure electric vehicles: 8.000€ for cars and 9.000€ for vans plus 1.000€ provided by the point of sale. In the case of motorcycles the government contributes € 2,000 and the point of sale € 200. With respect to hybrid vehicles, the subsidy is reduced to 50%, being € 4,000 and € 1,000 from the point of sale. In all cases, the subsidy will not exceed 50% of the total price of the vehicle.
  • The plan also provides for tax incentives for buyers.
  • Authorization to travel on the bus lane.
  • Free passage through the Tunnel d'Envalira
  • Domestic charge points for rental at 50% of the actual cost (4€ instead of 8€ during the two years of the program).
  • Public charging points network: Andorra now has 15 cargo points which are expected to increase to 37 in 2018.
  • All the points of charge work with a single payment card and apply the same rates: Free public charge the first two hours (onwards the second hour 1,25 € / 15 minutes)
As requirements to receive the aid, Pla Engega 2017 states that the vehicle must be registered within 5 months, in the name of the beneficiary for a minimum of 1 year and will have to remain in Andorra for a minimum of 6. Likewise , so that as many people as possible can benefit from the program, a maximum of three cars per person, by non-profit association or by company has been established.
All these initiatives are positioning Andorra as one of the countries that bet stronger by the electric car and therefore by a future trend.


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