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Living in Andorra working from home (developers, youtubers, traders...)

One of the typical profiles that we have as a resident in Andorra is the professional who does his daily work from home. Thus, a professional can benefit from taxes in Andorra, much lower than in neighboring countries and perform their work with full normality. I am going to try to explain why certain types of professionals who fit into these categories come quite frequently to the country.


The main block are the developers or in general personnel that exploits technological values. Here the advantages, in addition to the 10% effective taxation, lie in the possibility of taxing only 2% and in the existence of an online infrastructure of first level in the country. In themselves they take advantage of the basic advantages offered by the country, which is not to say little. The case of youtubers is similar, tax advantages, good infrastructure for their activity and above all a level of tranquility far superior to living in a big city.


The case of traders is more special. Income from the purchase and sale of financial products is taxed at 0% in IRPF (not interest or dividends, which tax 10% after a € 3,000 exemption). This in itself already compensates economically and to add nothing more will be redundant. There are certain types of tax EXEMPTION operations in Andorra. The savings are particularly large in this type of professions.


There are many more professions, like the one of writer, that are developed in a generally domestic scope, which can benefit from the reduced taxation of Andorra. I have tried to talk about the 3 on which more requests are produced fulfilling this requirement but they are not even the unique ones. Even people setting up animal shelters we have had, in the end to live in Andorra do not need many reasons.


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