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Online marketing for business: How to take advantage of LinkedIn

The largest and most important professional social network at the moment is LinkedIn. The network is composed of professionals who, acting on their behalf or in the company they work for, establish contact with other professionals with different objectives (networking). In the case of a company can be of many types such as: select staff, publicize your business or reach potential customers. All this is possible if we get the most out of this business network.


How can we take advantage of LinkedIn?


First, it is important that our employees are committed to the company's online marketing strategy and specifically to our presence on LinkedIn. Having a careful profile and having networking, will be one of the keys to give more visibility to the company and its contents, because in addition to making contacts representing our company, they will be able to share what we are going to publish.


On the other hand, LinkedIn puts at our disposal the Company Pages and the option of advertising. The creation of this type of pages is very simple, the only thing that is required is that the person who makes it has an email from the company. In addition to including all the information about the company, LinkedIn will allow us to create our own product pages and generate, as in other social networks, a community around it. For this, as we have said on many occasions, it will be very important to generate valuable content that may interest our target and position ourselves as experts in our sector.


Regarding to the advertising, the network allows us to create one or several advertising accounts to carry out campaigns with which to make known our company, its products etc. It has a very interesting B2B segmentation system in which we can select by age, company size, positions, job functions, sector and country and there are two formats among which we can choose according to our objectives: sponsored publications and texts of advertisements.


In short, LinkedIn has great potential and is already a must in online marketing strategy for companies.

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