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Curiosities about internet service in Andorra

In Andorra there is no need to choose internet or telephony provider, there is Andorra Telecom, a state-owned company that has a monopoly on this type of services. For several years Andorra has a 100% fiber optic coverage, now they will be 300 mb symmetrical, which will be expanded in the future. There is fiber even in remote villages and the general functioning, with its punctual problems, is exceptional.


Reliability was criticized a long time ago, but for more than a lustrum that the failures are very punctual. In this article, I want to discuss some specific points, some quite technical, thought to inform the large number of technological businesses that come to the country.


First, the fiber reaches the home / commercial premises, it does not go through coaxial cable. This means that the infrastructure is incredibly powerful. You could have up to 2gbps easily in your business, which is quite exceptional. From there, with certain very concrete entities Andorra Telecom has specific agreements.


For those of you interested in the delay, around 20ms usually go. It's okay, though it's not amazing either to be fiber and it obviously depends on 3000 factors that we are not going to list. Even the equipment located in the home the delay is really restrained.


Fiabilidad: muy competente pero a veces tiene problemas. No se cae ni todos los meses, pero a veces las tareas de mantenimiento se dejan notar más de lo que deberían. Sea como sea, el servicio de atención al cliente es de gran calidad, por lo que en general los problemas son testimoniales.


Reliability: very competent but sometimes has problems. It does not fall even every month, but sometimes the maintenance tasks are noticed more than they should. Be that as it may, the customer service is of high quality, so in general the problems are testimonials.


Regarding the company itself, efficient, very good treatment, very good managements, very good technicians. It is very well mounted at the fixed network level, although as a mobile network may have its detractors, especially at the price level.


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