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Online Marketing for Business: Corporate Pages on Facebook

Facebook is the main social network in the world, practically everyone who is in a network is on Facebook. Millions of connected users interacting with each other, spreading and sharing their own and others' content supposes a potential to generate sales that has become increasingly evident to companies. This network has become an important point when planning the online marketing plan for companies.


What can Facebook bring to your company?


  • Branding: With Facebook you can show your brand, give it visibility and boost it, increasing your online presence.
  • Communication and customer service: You can have direct contact with your customers and potential customers, opening a simple but effective communication channel that will also allow you to handle complaints or criticisms, giving solutions that avoid possible reputational crises. In addition, the information that the company receives is in real time and if the community is large enough we can detect reactions, which otherwise would not know if we did not a market study.
  • Promotion of products and services: Although it is not convenient to use Facebook to constantly talk about our company, as well as we make promotions in more traditional channels, we can use this social network to publicize new products or services and the offers we launch.
  • Creating community: Generating conversation around the brand or its products is still a pending issue for many companies that, while using Facebook to publicize or promote themselves, do not try to encourage the "engagement" of their followers, which can Attract new ones. In addition, having a community allows the company to know what customers like and do not like and therefore improve its offer of products and services
  • Advertising at reasonable prices: Facebook Ads, the Facebook advertising platform, allows campaigns, at prices much lower than those of traditional media, with which to make the company and its products known in a simple way, effectively segmenting the audience to that we want to lead. This way the response will be much more effective because the message will be much more personalized. 
  • Help you achieve your goals: Whether you plan to generate traffic to your website or if the goal is to convert leads into customers, Facebook can help you in your online marketing strategy. 

 Although there are many advantages, we must be clear that this is a long-term investment, as gaining the trust of our followers and publicizing our brand will require time, effort and perseverance, but in the end it will be worth it.

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