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How to plan your online presence successfully

It is nothing new thatsocial media has become a fundamental part of any company's marketing strategy. We know that we must take action in the matter, if we have not already done so, nevertheless it give us some fear. In our post today we want to give you some tips to help you make your online presence successful.


¿What is the online presence? 


Online presence is the sum of all the social profiles of your company as well as the relationships, interactions and participations you make in them. It is an open door to your target audience through which you can connect with them and get (or not) more customers and that these are true to your brand.


What should I keep in mind for my online presence to be successful?


In the first place, we can not be in social networks in a disorganized way. Many companies believe that by opening a profile on Facebook or any other network and limiting themselves to publishing, from time to time, the benefits of their products is sufficient and clearly it is not. For our online presence to be successful we need a strategy and the patience necessary to carry it out.

Some of the most important points that we must define in our strategy are:


1. What we want to achieve with social networks. It is essential to define our objective from the beginning and that all the actions that we do will be aimed at achieving it. Some examples may be, promoting our products, improving the brand image or attracting the public to our website.


2. In what channels will I be present: It is not about how many more networks better. Not all will be suitable for your company, each of them has its own characteristics and personality. It is important to stop and think about where we can find our audience and focus on those that will help us achieve our goals better.


3. Make yourself known. Once you have chosen the social networks and you have created your profiles you are already prepaparado to start to create content but the truth is that no one knows you, nor does it know that you have an online presence. It is essential to gain visibility. There are different actions we can take, but the usual thing is to start with our workers (who become fans and share the pages and contents) and with our clients.


4.Include valuable content in your posts. As we have said on other occasions in our blog, content is fundamental to the online marketing strategy. Publishing useful material that is of interest to our followers will help us capture your attention. It is boring talking constantly about us, the thing is providing interesting material and solutions.


5. Be constant. Do not forget your profiles in social networks. Open profiles in which there is no activity will negatively affect the image of your company. Publishing on a regular basis and interacting with your followers will allow you to take full advantage of the potential that social networks offer you.


In summary, to have a successful online presence you must set goals, decide which channels are best for them, make them known you and publish content of value to your followers or potential customers on a regular basis.


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