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Live in Andorra: My personal experience

Almost four years ago, for work reasons, I had to move to Andorra. The truth is that I did not come blind, since my husband since he was a child used to spend many weekends with his family here and knew the country quite well, but of course it is not the same to come from time to time than reside permanently. Living in Andorra, coming from a big city like Barcelona was a great change for me. The truth is that I faced the situation with positivity and enthusiasm, it was something desired and meditated, so maybe my vision is "excessively" positive for some, but it is a personal experience.


Forget the hours in the car in the midst of traffic jams and the stress of always arriving late everywhere, was a release. Here the distances are short and on weekdays you get anywhere in a short time. Leaving the children at school at 8:45 and being at work at 9 is a luxury for me. It is true that the cultural offer and leisure activities that you can find in Andorra is not so extensive, but the truth is that I was pleasantly surprised. The fact that the country is very oriented to the tourism makes that there are always events and also, being small, that it is very easy to be able to attend any of them.


As I said, I came to the principality with an open mind and a positive attitude, but perhaps one of the few things that really worried me, as the mother of two children, was the educational system. However I found the possibility of choosing between three different systems (Andorran School, French and Spanish School) and also for free, something unique in this country. In addition, the plurality of languages that children can learn in school, without having to go to language academies as an after-school activity, is for me something remarkable. For example, the Andorran school teaches the core subjects in both French and Catalan and also have Spanish and English classes starting at a certain age.


In which city can a deliveryman leave the order at the door of your house without anything happening until you arrive? In La Massana, the parish where I live, this is usual. Andorra is a country where there is hardly any criminality. The truth is that I had not thought of it as a determining factor to move, but certainly it is something very positive and that now I value extremely.


In addition, if all of this adds up to the fact that you can have a direct contact with nature and all the activities that can be done (skiing, hiking, mountain biking ...) I ended up having a very complete pack that made the change was worth it.



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