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The importance of social networks in online marketing strategy

There are now more than 2 billion active users in social networks and this number is increasing year after year. At this point almost everyone intuits that they should be part of our online marketing strategy but are we clear why? In today's post we give you answer to this and other issues related to Social Media.


Why are social media important in our online marketing strategy?


From the point of view of Inbound Marketing, which is the methodology with which we work in PSF, Social Networks are a key piece. Let's say they are the instrument that allows us to move from a strategy with more traditional means (press, TV or radio), which very often offer questionable results, to a much less intrusive in which what we are trying to attract the consumer with our content . Networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or Google+, among others, help increase the number of people who can reach our proposals and visit our website, thus optimizing the reach and spread of our business.
In this context, the content is particularly relevant. It is very important to engage our audience by sharing relevant information and being constant in our activity to maintain an active community that we can drive through the different phases of the purchase process.


But in what phases of the buying process do Social Media intervene?


From the point of view of the Inbound methodology, it is involved in all phases of the process.
1. To ATTRACT visitors by sharing content that interests them, instead of boring them with a direct sale of our product.
2. To CONVERT visitors to leads giving opportunities to subscribe to receive some type of offer or content.
3. In the CLOSING phase offering prospects valuable information that can lead them to purchase the product.
4. Social networks are also a channel of customer service with which we can establish a post-sale relationship that allows us to reach the last phase of the process, the DELIGHT. A phase in which we make them loyal and convert them into promoters of our brand.
Social networks not only help us improve our visibility, improve our brand image and generate empathy with our public, but also, being a bidirectional channel, become a way to obtain information, detect needs and offer personalized attention. So, it is a key piece within any Online Marketing strategy.





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