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Aspects to consider when choosing your car insurance in Andorra

Last week we talked about the different basic types of insurance that currently exist in Andorra: third parties, third parties extended and all risk. Within these options, which may be the most convenient for us? Below we discuss some of the aspects to consider when choosing the type of insurance of our car.


1. Age of the vehicle: as time goes by cars lose value and therefore it is not the same to ensure a new car, which we are still paying, as a car that already has a few years. For this reason it is usual for the first case to be more convenient the all risk insurance, while for the second we opt for a third party or an extended third party.


2. Place where I usually park: Leaving the car in a parking lot, where it is more or less protected from bad weather or possible thefts or shocks, is very different from parking on the street. If we faced the second option, it is important that insurance cover theft coverage, that is, we should contract an extended third party or all risk (depending on the other factors to consider).


3. Propensity to have mishaps with the car: If you have decided for an all-risk insurance and you do not usually have any accidents with the car or the use you make of it is limited, it might be a good option to choose insurance with franchise. In this way the insurance will be more economical. If the case is the opposite it could be cheaper a all-risk, since otherwise you will end up paying all repairs or a good part of the amount.


Other factors to be evaluated are the making of long distance trips in a usual way, in which case it would be important to have "assistance on the road" or if I need the car on a daily basis without the possibility of using public transport, then we should contract the " substitution car ".

Consider each of these aspects or the combination of several will give us the key to choosing the auto insurance that best suits our needs.

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