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Key points for investing in Andorra: existence of effective activity

Investing in Andorra as a country in principle should be like investing elsewhere, but everything changes if we consider the fact that in many cases fiscal matters are the ones that make the decision to invest in the country (at the residence level the Thing changes, but it is also an important value). That is why we have to analyze many points and above all the legality of the situation, which can sometimes be very thorny if the main partner or partners do not reside in the country. It must be very clear that investing and residing follow different paths and that these differences must be considered at all times. Be that as it may, we are going to make a small series with key points to invest in Andorra without having a problem. In this case the existence of an effective activity.

This is the main point, there has to be an effective activity in the principality if you want to have a company and not reside in it. The typical case is the distributor of product X, which buys in one country and sells in another in a repetitive way and that tired of taxes and VAT, places a person in Andorra who manages the papers and is forgotten. Then the activity is done from Andorra (the partner helps, sometimes leads customers, supports with know-how ...) and investment is not a source of problems. What is by no means possible is to build a society here and work from another country, there we have a problem. It is necessary to consider that for example, the companies of the example tax 2% in the country, so it is extraordinarily complicated that it is not profitable to have a contracted person with the savings that occurs at the tax level. In addition, you generally do not have to stand VAT either, so at the liquidity level the improvements are immense. The question is not in the profitability of the invention, but in the way in which this profitability has to be realized. Therefore, the activity has to be performed from the country is the first point of this series.


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