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The importance of content in online marketing strategy for businesses

In previous articles we talked about the steps to follow to improve our online presence through SEO strategy and we discussed the need to provide content to everything we do, to be successful. Today we are going to comment in this post, in more detail, the importance that the content has in our online marketing strateg.

Even today, many companies continue to rely on traditional advertising methods (press, radio, etc.) to make themselves known and seek new business opportunities. However, this way of working is still very expensive and sometimes offers very little results. The emergence of the internet, online search engines and social networks have enabled the creation of other channels that allow the creation of own channels with which to attract potential customers.

How do we generate our own channels of communication?

Think about how we act when we use the Internet, we usually type the question or keywords that we want to obtain information in a search engine and it offers us a result, a content. In fact, without content, the Internet would be empty. The key is to provide information that responds to the doubts of our future clients, that solvents their concerns and that, therefore, is the adequate result for a search that they have realized.
Therefore, the creation and publication of quality content that is of interest to our target, through a technological tool, is the key to creating a channel of our own to attract our future clients.

But what is the place of content in our online marketing strategy?

From the point of view of Inbound Marketing, content not only intervenes in the attraction phase of potential customers but is part of all phases of the process of purchase (Attract, convert, close and delight). It will be necessary to adapt our productions at each stage, both at the level of the information we provide and at the format level, since it is not the same for example a content intended for someone who is at an early stage of the process that someone close to make a purchase decision.

What format will we use for our content?

The formats we can use are multiple, some of the best known: videos, e-books, templates, infographics, presentations, webinars, emails ... The difference between them, in terms of transmitting what we want, is not really much, what will make us choose one or the other will depend on who we are creating content for, how much time we have to create it, how much information we want to include and the phase of the buying process we are in. For example it is usual to use e-mails when we want the client to go from the conversion phase to the closing phase.

In conclusion, content is the vehicle with which we guide our customers throughout the buying process by pushing them to go from one phase to another until the end. We could say that it is the fuel that makes an online marketing strategy work.



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