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How to improve your online presence through your SEO strategy

In other occasions we have already talked about SEO in our blog and the importance of working on it, to get a good position in the response of search engines and therefore improve the traffic of potential customers to our website. Today I would like to speak briefly of the steps to follow to apply the SEO in the strategy of online marketing for companies.


In the first place, we must be very clear the audience that we are addressing, which in Inbound Marketing we usually call Buyer Personas and try to know as much as possible about them: their habits, how they make their searches on the internet, where they can be present ... etc .


Once our audience is defined, we must mark the objectives of our SEO strategy. These should be what we call SMART, that is, specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely.


Third, define the keywords with which we want to position. It is fundamental to know how our target audience will look for us on the Internet and from here choose the keywors on which we will base our SEO strategy. For this, we must consider factors such as: the number of monthly searches that are made of these words and the competition they have, since it may be more interesting to choose those that have fewer searches to have more possibility to position ourselves in the first places.


Finally, when we already have our keywords, establish what are called long tails, that is, longer keywords or phrases that have fewer searches and competition and that respond to a more concrete need. For example, if our keyword is: "travel to Greece", our long tail might be "traveling to Greece with children".


If we follow these steps we will be in the right line to start our SEO strategy and improve our online presence, but the truth is that it is only the beginning, it is essential to provide content to everything we do, to be successful. We will deal with this in future articles.

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