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Registration process of a new car in Andorra

The process of registering a car in Andorra is nimble, but like everything else, it has its process. First of all, we have to consider that we are going to talk about non-classic cars and generally relatively modern vehicles. In addition, cars that are intended to be brought from abroad to Andorra must now comply with the Euro V regulations (this sometimes changes) so they can not be cars prior to 2009. Requirements for registering foreign cars change with relative frequency, for Which I highly recommend reviewing them in advance. The general idea is that old cars are complicated to bring to the country, so you have to consider that you may be obliged to change cars, this no one warns you, but more than one has happened to us.

First, with the car paid, you have to find an insurance company that gives you a certificate to be able to register it. The process takes 24-48h, but in Andorra you can not register a car without being previously insured by some company. The car insurance is mandatory, as everywhere, so you can not avoid it in any way. We already talked about car insurance in the past so I refer to previous publications to explain a little how they work in Andorra, but I want to reiterate that it is a very vehicular part of the process.


This will allow us to put the number plates, but we will have to go to the insurer to finish signing papers. It is very important that everything concerning insurance is ready, because it is the part that we usually have to do if we buy a new car in the country, the rest is done by the dealers. If we bring the car from outside, it is always best to look at the legislation, at the moment we do it, carefully, as I have already said, it changes quite regularly and any suggestions that we give can be obsolete at the time of reading the article. Generally if the car complies with the pollution regulations, with its documentation and take it to examine it is sufficient.

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