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Advanced health insurance available in Andorra

We have already talked about the basic health insurance in Andorra in order to overcome the limitations of CASS. Today we are going to try two very special insurance lines that are designed for people who have more elaborate health needs, either because they travel a lot, because they want to enjoy a health with a maximum level of freedom or with an extraordinary exclusivity. In this case all the lines are of refund, although usually also they include a very extensive medical directory.

Firstly, there are reimbursement insurance covering the total expenditure in Andorra, as well as a very large part of the expenditure in the rest of the world, regardless of the specialist (usually 80%). If the specialist is in the medical directory, there is no cost or reimbursement, but outside the medical directory also it is reimbursed with certain limits (for example, no more than 900 € per day for hospitalization). This is my personal choice, for the security it gives in such a small country located among others and the freedom of which it provides us. It is very reassuring to know that any specialist that comes to mind is covered and we have a safety net around the world that you never know when you will have to use it. The limits of these insurance cover 90% of situations in practically all countries.

Secondly, there are luxury insurance policies that cover anything, everywhere. They are focused not only on freedom and travel without fuss, but on the exclusivity of being attended wherever you want without having to worry about anything. Of course, the possibility of accessing these suite-type hotel rooms with a view to the beach has a cost that not all pockets can assume, but hey, it's a level of sanity that few privileged can overlook. They cover everything without limits and are the most guarantees.

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