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Additional benefits to continuous improvement in the web environment

Previously, in our blog, we already discussed the importance of our web not being static. Today we are going to return, once again, to this subject by going deeper into some more concrete aspects.

Everything gets old, including the web, which means that its efficiency is reduced over time. There are new designs, technological improvements, such as the adaptation to mobile devices at the time and there are also changes in our organization and around us that make us consider the modification of our page as an essential issue.

In addition, mistakes are made both by the change that occurs in the public itself and by inaccurate measurements of the behavior of the same. This touches squarely on fields like marketing and advertising, which is inevitable. They can not be prevented according to what situations, nor the exact way in which a specific segment to which we direct our marketing actions will act. Therefore, we will always have to optimize our website, adapting it to changes, errors and other situations, without this process having an end per se.

On the other hand, entering into advantages that may not be well known, updating certain static web pages can not only improve usability, but also be interesting at the positioning level. Pages that include new content frequently and add value, are often better positioned than other pages with similar content that have not been updated in a long time. In addition, the fact that our content is often updated contributes to attract visitors and build a community around our site.

But, although the continuous improvement in the web environment requires consistency and a lot of work, the fact of achieving good results in terms of SEO and our marketing strategy will have been worth it when the billing increases and our ability to retain customers improves.


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