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Lean methodology explained in a practical way: principles that govern it

We have heard of Lean methodology many times, but it is done in a way that is understood from the technical perspective, but not so much from a more practical perspective. I will try to prepare a series of articles explaining basic business concepts in a simple way, and this is about a concept that is quite in vogue for many years.

The Lean methodology is based on adjusting to the maximum the resources that are needed for the activity of the company, said in a very simple way. It has a series of principles that we will pass to comment briefly on the most practical way possible:

  • Perfect quality at first, they try to avoid the defects of production arriving at the origin of the same ones. See when something goes wrong, the source of the problem.
  • Minimization of waste: eliminate everything that does not provide value to the client, optimize all resources because they are limited.
  • Continuous improvement: basically always be attentive to see that it can be improved, with an emphasis on sharing information between people. Everyone can bring improvements, so everyone has to have the information.
  • Processes "pull": conform to the customer who is the one who requests the products, itself is to focus on the needs of the customer and not those of the company. What is always talked about to put in the customer in the center.
  • Flexibility: you have to be able to offer a response that is at a certain point personalized for each client without sacrificing an excessive amount of efficiency.
  • Long-term relationships with key stakeholders (usually providers) that allow sharing of information, costs and certain risks. With this, it is sought that the chain value in general be as effective and efficient as possible for all those involved.

I want to highlight a detail although the Lean methodology is always focused on manufacturing, it is very easy to adapt to services. All points are tailored for a service company and without a doubt.

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