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Living in Andorra improves your quality of life

When I moved to Andorra three years ago I came from Barcelona, a big city. Part of the decision to move was motivated by labor issues, but we were also looking for an improvement in our quality of life. You may have asked, did you find it? Well the answer is yes.

What can expect anyone who moves to Andorra regarding the quality of life in the country?

·       Good communications

Forget about the big morning traffic jams. No more endless hours in the car to commute. The distances are much shorter and the roads are in excellent condition so, although there may be retentions at rush hours, the truth is that you arrive before, everywhere. As an aspect to improve perhaps we could point out the entries and exits of the country in important festivities, but in day to day this is not a problem.

·         Nature and sports at your fingertips

Andorra enjoys an unrivaled natural environment that makes nature and sport lovers, consider it a paradise. Leaving home and enjoying activities such as skiing, via ferrata or mountain biking is one of the advantages of residing in Andorra.

·         Security

The crime rate is very low compared to other countries. At the family level it is really reassuring to know that you can go to the playground with your children and you do not have to constantly be aware of them or that they can move alone by public transport to school without any problems. Citizen security is exceptional.

·         Good education and lots of extracurricular activities

In Andorra you can choose between three free educational systems: Andorran, French and Spanish that allow you to learn the three languages to perfection. In addition, there are plenty of extracurricular activities at very reasonable prices that children can enjoy both during the course, as an after-school activity, and during vacation periods.

Valuing all these aspects and some more like the health system of which we have already spoken on other occasions in our blog, I would dare to say that the quality of life in Andorra is exceptional.

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