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The compulsory nature of home insurance in Andorra

One detail that I found curious about Andorran legislation when I came to the country is that it is mandatory to have home insurance that includes at least a civil liability. Legislation is quite curious, but it is a rule that is well thought out. It contributes to the conservation of the property and also in case of disaster covers the damages that occur (the typical fire by a wood stove). Therefore, when it comes to truth is an expense that goes quite well and gives a lot of security.

In the end, once we need the locksmith for having left the keys inside we will have made the insurance all year round and many additional problems can be solved with home insurance. All damages can be covered to the contents of the flat (even if the contents of the refrigerator are damaged by an electric fault) as well as the continent itself (what we were talking about before, the fires and so on).

In general, the coverage to the contents of the flat seem to me the most relevant, as they can include the repair of basically everything that is in it with specialized services of proximity. This implies that a call to the insurance is enough to get it fixed, without additional costs, without knowing a specific professional and in general with the minimum possible annoyances. Much more comfortable and monetary level with no surprise expenses that can be very uncomfortable. If you ever break your water heater in winter, a 24 hour technician covered by insurance is very grateful. In general, it allows to stretch the value of appliances and other utilities of the house. This does not mean that having a covered civil liability is a minor thing, because in the case of disaster it literally saves the financial future of your family, but of course, it is unnecessary to put ourselves in the worst possible position.

All this talking about that the home insurance is for the person who resides in the property, the insurance case for landlords who put their properties in rent is quite different and with other coverages.

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