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Digital marketing as a long-term strategy

In the past we discussed the analogy between online marketing and a savings account. Today we are going to talk about investing in online / digital marketing as a company strategy in the long term. I do not tire of remembering that in general everything that is positioning and networks takes about a year to really be noticeable, reason why it is not expected results in the short term. Miracles are not possible. Having said that, we will move on to discuss certain issues in more detail.

When a new page is created in a web, whether it is a blog or other format, it takes some time to be indexed by the search engine, that is, its appearance in search engines is not instantaneous. This implies a delay in the effect of the action in the vast majority of cases. In very large websites is minimal, but in normal webs usually constitutes an appreciable delay. In addition, the antiquity and visits score, so that the ideal positioning of each page is reached after a while. Add to this the reinforcement of certain keywords and other implications of content creation in general.

So, with so much delay, where is the appeal? On the other side the possibility of maintaining with relative ease the previously achieved. If an impulse is carried out for a year, as long as during the next year the part achieved is kept and not abandoned, the web will grow continuously. All those cases of success that we know thanks to the online medium do not appear overnight, but gradually grow to a critical size that allows them really shoot the profitability of everything invested. Many times people want to be inspired by success stories without having to make the great amount of effort behind them. I understand the line of thought that is followed to get there, but to this day it is impossible.

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