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A precise statistical measurement as essential for our online marketing

For about two months, I have received periodic visits from some of my competitors. I know this because I have web traffic measurement systems that allow me to reach these conclusions. Without being able to measure properly how the web is working, we can not do the majority of the improvements that this really needs. This measurement goes far beyond the installation of Analytics, which is the subject we are going to discuss today.

First, we must take into consideration that Analytics gives eminently quantitative and statistical data, with the limitations that these data have. Other platforms provide better quantitative data or even qualitatively useful data. This allows to obtain relevant information in the case of improvements in usability or user retention.

In the end, it is very important not only to know a number of users, but to know if these are real and what they do within the web. To know this information there are many different tools, but it is ideal that it allows to see the recordings of what the users do and create a heatmap to be as optimum as possible. If we want the web to really convert something, we have to know why it is not doing it right now or what needs improvement to do it. This requires knowing very well both the user and the web itself and improve as much as possible both services.


Most web problems come from lack of audience, that's a fact, but getting audience is easier if we get retention and this is achieved with a good user experience. This experience can be achieved with recordings that tell us where our users are having problems to orient themselves on the web. Even so, the experience is never perfect and continuous improvement is necessary if we want every day that our web grows in a sustained way in time. The lack of usability produces frustration and that is a very unpleasant feeling to convey to our customers.


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