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The importance of converting visitors to "leads" on the web

Generally if we want our website to work, it has to bring us business. For this to happen we have to turn a web visitor into a "lead", that is, a person whose email, telephone or other contact information is given to us. This conversion phase is not the one that is developed first, but if it is essential for a really positive performance of the web and in many cases it is totally omitted. This is mainly by the conception of the web likea  showcase, but also is produced by simple disinformation or neglect.

Going straight into the subject, turning a visitor into a lead is by no means a trivial task. We need that person to feel the need to give us their data in exchange for something in particular or that our offer is so intensely interesting to do it in his own. The second happens and is ideal, but a really valuable web can not sustain all its future in that, therefore it is necessary additionally that the client has an offer of available value in case he thinks that this is useful to him. For example, we offer web analytics and investment consulting services for free, we also have other offers for more limited time periods.

Doing analytics is quite costly in terms of time, but the customer gets a value that really makes him giving us his information. In addition, analytics allow us to show ourselves as experts in front of the future costumer. Obviously, many users just want free analytics, but others are definitely interested in the product and end up drifting into sales.

It has to be taken into account that the conversion period is the most complicated and also the most important, so patience is a key asset in this type of situation, but so is constant work. In the end, minimal conversions are relatively simple to achieve, but a strong conversion level is the real challenge.

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