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Accounting service in Andorra

One of the services offered by PSF is the accounting service in Andorra. Taxes in the country are something very new and until last year (2015) there were no inspections, but from that moment on the control level the thing is starting to be quite serious. This has caused entities that so far have not performed or have performed poorly accounting are beginning to have many problems.

Seen from the outside, it must be taken into account that until 2010 the accounting obligations were really minimal and as there were no Andorran accounting plans, Spanish or French plans were used. Since 2010 there is already an own accounting plan in Andorra and with it, the obligations it entails. Even with that, many small entities even today are not taking it with the seriousness in which we are accustomed from the rest of Europe.

In PSF, because of the international vocation that we have, we bring accounting knowledge from abroad and we have been raised with accounting obligations since the minute 0, so it is not new to us to deal with the most serious requirements that involve modern accounting. That's why we offer an accounting service in the country that even for companies located here has the additional value of know-how that PSF has.

In addition, we can offer consulting services and accounting optimization both inside and outside the country. Whether accounting for management, financial or other analytical consulting services, auditing etc ... PSF can support your accounting needs.


As we have already discussed in the past, accounting services are often treated less seriously than they deserve and that can lead to problems in the future in many cases or to suboptimal outcomes in the vast majority of situations. That is why from PSF we take every accounting with the maximum professionalism and with a correct monitoring of accounting regulations.



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