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5 situations to start a business in Andorra

During many articles we have talked about the advantages of setting up a company in Andorra, but today we are going to deal with five specific cases in which creating a company in Andorra is a good idea.
The first example and the most traditional of all, is the patrimonial one. That means a company without economic activity that has a patrimony that is managed. It does not serve for anything else, but given the large amount of private banking that exists in Andorra is a comfortable option for the same and usually popular. As it has many limitations it is becoming less popular with the passage of time.
The second example, a company that will simply perform some activity in the principality. Perhaps none of the creators of the society resides here and maybe even the activity is seasonal, but it actually takes place. It is what we talk about many times referring to invest in Andorra. It is very comfortable to take advantage of the business opportunities of the principality in an optimal way.
Third, a company as a way to obtain residence in the country. A company is created that will have a minimal activity (or not depending on the case) but will allow a person to come to reside in the country. Those who follow me know that I am a great defender of this route of entry to reside in Andorra for all the advantages it brings in level of operation, price and comfort.
The fourth place is for a company that takes advantage of the special regimes of the country. Whether it is a patent-box, an international trade-focused entity or an international box, special regimes really enhance the profitability of such businesses and the country has an ideal infrastructure for them.
Finally, and linking with the previous, societies like SICAVs or holdings are a real delight in the principality. They are exempt from taxation and generally have much more extensive freedoms than those given by the legal regimes of neighboring countries.



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