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What is an international consulting service and why is it important

I have already spoken in the past about consulting services within the business environment, but today I will tell you about a more specific service, which is the international consulting service. This type of consultancy encompasses many things and sometimes its limits are not completely clear, so an article explaining it is not too much.

International consulting can be two things, or a regular consulting in an international environment or a consultancy focused on the internationalization of the company. In itself, both types of international consulting share many points in common, they are still a business consulting that is divided with a different center.
A business or other kind of international consultancy means to adapt the details of this consultancy to the international environment. It seems a minor thing, but in reality it is a subject with a really huge complexity. Many tips that can be useful in domestic environments are not so much internationally and the approach also conditions everything in a very intense way. An international strategy is more complex and touches more than a local strategy, an international business consultancy has to keep in mind the challenges of an international adventure (different languages, tastes, logistical networks ...). It is also true that many modern business schools already have an international set of tools by default that allows them to provide many valid tools for domestic and non-domestic markets. Decades of internationalization have provided us with very advanced levels of knowledge in the field.

Regarding the consultancy focused on the internationalization of the company, is the one that is based on the expansion of a company to markets other than its own. This service has to assess the situation of the company, its strategic profile and how this could fit in the targeted market. It is very important to check that the competitive advantage available in the domestic market is useful in the destination, as well as see what type of investment is desired in the country. We must decide between foreign direct investment and export, as well as all grays between them. This type of operations have a very high cost and also have to be done in a very methodical way to get to a good ending.


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