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Web design for small businesses

Sometimes, as a company, serving the market with what it really needs is very difficult. Many times the customers are the ones who tell you what they need and the best strategy is to follow their dictations.


Weeks ago, a client asked us for an extra small web for something he was developing. In principle we do not take these projects because they are tiny, but the truth is that this was interesting. The idea seemed curious and we thought how to create a small web for a small business.


The problem with these things is that many times the client asks you for such extremely small things for your projects that it will not bring them any usefulness. A tiny page in the sea of ​​the internet is not useful at all, if you give it in person to your customers, they already know you for what it does not contribute anything and those who do not know you will not be able to reach the web because the web is too irrelevant. Then the problem was to create an economic web but at the same time had a utility.


To solve this problem we developed a series of boring technological things focused on this type of web that are optimal for both the client and us, and that is why we are in a position to present a new methodology of work. This is based on minimal monthly costs for a web that is developed month by month, each section and/or language has a date in which it is published. In itself there are 12 phases, some of which are review and measurement of user feedback. The fees include hosting and everything you need. In addition, every thing that is done is positioned perfectly at the level of SEO.


With this we solve the serious problem of the neglected webs that already fixes the GDD and also maintain a modest costs. Also on the face of search engines the web is updated, which does not hurt either.

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