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Different types of consulting in the business environment

Since Angel is moving, today I will proceed to do the article about consulting. As I can not measure myself with his experience, today I will talk about the different types of business consulting that exist beyond the strategic one that he covers so well.


The most common consultancy is the accountanting consulting and I do not mean just the making of it and other similar tasks, but more complicated queries. Many times it is difficult to know how account something for it to be more favorable, for example, at the tax level.


This links with the tax consulting, which is another of the consultancies that we work harder. Here we have help for really complicated issues, but in general we have snacked many hours of tax laws. It is very much related to the fact of coming to Andorra to save money and the obligations that this entails. There is no margin of error because in the end an error in this is a fine, so we have to recycle a lot.


Administrative consulting consists of assisting with the various types of paperwork that populate all companies. Often people underestimate the mess of paperwork and bureaucracy in a company, working efficiently can save a lot of time and money.


Business consulting is possibly my personal favorite (sorry Angel) because it is the one that most people know and often one of the most immediate in giving results. When well-intentioned mistakes are made in the management of the company, it is easier to measure them and solve them from outside than from within. The results of this type of service are generally very immediate.


Another consultancy that touches us a lot, is the online marketing consulting. Ideas, ways of proceeding, methodologies to use ... Here we have a lot to work with the client, because it is generally the one with least clues as to how to proceed within the company. In the end we carry out from strategic marketing through the creation of all types of media and campaigns that use the online way.  Adaptation to the client is especially key in these cases.


For here ends the review of the various forms of consulting we work more often. Of course every case is a world and there are many forms of consulting, but for now we are well served.


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