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The great advantage of online marketing agencies

An advertising agency is nothing more than a creative entity that makes advertisements for the media, with all the marketing apparatus that this activity necessarily takes. A marketing agency focuses more on the aspects of marketing and branding, that is, its purpose is not to create an advertisement, but to create a strong brand by the means that are necessary, a work more behind the scenes, so to speak. Of course, these two qualifications are very debatable, what it is not so much is that most marketing agencies are migrating their activity to the online world.

The reader might wonder why this migration from the most traditional marketing agency to the online medium is so massive. Thinking from the purest marketing perspective, the great advantage is that the internet allows, from a very low budget, to apply everything marketing has to offer. The vast majority of marketing tools can be applied in the online medium in ways that can not be in a traditional way. You can make articles like this to attract customers, create a personal brand in a very clean way, find the basic totality of the world population bidding on certain searches ... a huge world of possibilities. From the first euro you can do things, without big initial investments and the possibilities do not stop growing. The market is also international by default.

In the end the corporate identity manuals are wonderful, we have one and it helps us a lot, but it is not a viable business line. Few companies carry out ambitious operations for their corporate identity, but many need to increase their sales with more or less generous budgets. That's where an online marketing agency can really bring and create value for the customer, whether it's SEM advertising campaigns or other types of marketing actions from the great services that Inbound allows.

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