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The importance of a good technical basis for our web presence

I am not very keen to get into technical aspects in general, I consider it the least readable part of the web presence and at the same time the one that has been better and better treated by others. But today I want to address a simple topic that I think is not generally understood, the importance of a good technical basis for our web presence.

If we want to build a platform that is a marketing asset for us, this platform has to be able to handle many things easily. From things that nowadays are basic as meta data or scripts to take statistics from the web, to being able to modulate freeley our web, being easy to manage or embed calls to action easily. In the end, often are used platforms that are not particularly easy to scale and convert into large tractors of customers. This is mainly due to the proliferation of very economic webs and, in many cases, webs in 48 hours, a concept that leaves me really impressed. A web in 48 hours is a web that can not be well adjusted to your needs by any means, because in strategy we already invest many times more than 48 hours, without even having started to create the web itself.

In the end we are again in the problem that the concept of web is not understood completely and is taken in a way that is totally counterproductive to our interests as an entity. We spend money on something that is totally useless because of the way it is done. The web may come out cheap and quick, but it may not only not be an asset, it may act as a liability and it will cripple us.

There is no perfect platform, in fact, many of the best platforms are payment and cost huge amounts, but to have a minimum quality behind our website, there must be a respectable platform that works. Withouth this, our web will never work at its full potential.

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