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Must-haves of web design: Landing pages

In this series we have tried to explain very basic concepts regarding web design, but today we are going to explain one of the most important things to turn visitors into clients and at the same time one of the most complicated, landing pages.


In itself a landing page is a very simple page, without even a navigation menu, that allows us to show to the user basic information with "calls to action", which are buttons that incite the user to perform some action which leaves his data for a free service. This service can be ebooks, webinars, free consultancy, discounts and a huge etc ... Any business has something that his potential client may need, we just have to choose one and be gradually creating more content to be behind a landing page


The landing page is usually reached through a call to action similar to the one that has the landing page itself. This call is generally ideal within the blog and even within the articles of the blog. You can also access the landing page from other places like google.


The "Landing Page" cycle "Call to Action"-> "Landing Page" -> "Thank you page" is the best way for a visitor to become something more than that and should be treated as one of the keys to the future profitability of our website. A web without CTAs has it very difficult to convert people, at most the result will be very suboptimal. For a large part of the business, the traditional contact form is no longer useful.

As an essential part of the current web design that is, landing pages have a well developed code of good practice. This will be developed in later articles, because they are issues that in addition to surpassing the basic character of this series, have a length too extensive.


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