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What will be my experience with my web if I'm outside of Andorra

When a customer comes from outside the country, which gives him more qualms is the fact that we are far from where he is. It is something that at the beginning is very new and makes us lose contracts. The truth is that between customers from the country or around and clients from far away, there aren't many differences. Many times people are not used to it and the procedures seem confusing, which is why we do this article, to explain a little how will be your experience if you hire a web from outside Andorra with PSF.

In general, every customer gets a first meeting in which it tells us what is looking for. This meeting does not matter if is telematic or not, but it is the most important. Since that reunion, we have a closed and continuous contact with the client, usually via email. People from outside the country usually speaks us via Skype and email, without any problem, there is not much difference with the traditional system. Finally, another meeting is held with the same characteristics that the first. No customer for shaking hands is something sentimental, so many times the last visit them at the end or the beginning of the process.

Another important part is that our contracts are annual, so we are in contact with the client for a year minimum. This let us to a communication system well analysed and highly polished. If we had to to visit the client in a continuous manner, this would be a bad deal for both parties, technology saves time.

Even with the above, we understand the reticence of some customers to this type of business form, its that why we continue to meet with some clients in person. By the way, this article is the idea of ​​one of our customers. If you think we should clarify or talk about something, do not hesitate to ask for it!

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