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Must haves of Web Design Essentials: conversion rate optimization (CRO)

We have spoken before of SEO and SEM, but often forget a distant cousin of both, which is the CRO. Optimize the conversion rate of a web (generally referred to as CRO) is to improve the percentage of users who enter the web and perform an action we want them to perform. This may be to send a contact form, enter some web or perform a specific action whatever it is. The crux of the matter is to help the user to perform that action.

For this there are several ways, but we prefer the one that consist in the use of landing pages and a/b tests. That is, create calls to action in which the user can click, get leaded to a landing page on which they will enter their data an we make offer with value. It's that simple and that complicated. In the end, it is that the user who enters the web choose us to solve any problems or questions he may have. Not only that, but the optimization of the entire process, so that the conversion rate is as large as possible. However, its not only to create a landing page, make a couple of test and wait. We must optimize the process every day, see what fails and what works. Itself is a statistical work, so new sites or sites with few visitors can be a challenge.

The CRO usually also involves an offer of content closely related with online marketing and a number of good practices which we will be talking in later articles. It is heavier than simple SEO task, so depending on budget it should be performed months after having the web operational (at least the methodologies that we use). I also want to clarify that the CRO is one of the most complicated things of optimizing a web.

At the end, for the web to be active of first level for the company, we have to pamper her, and the CRO is one of the most important parts for this task. 


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