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The adaptation of strategy concept in PSF

Considered the principles of corporate strategy mentioned in the previous article we can say that from PSF we will adapt the following approaches of the concepts:

Regarding the concept of STRATEGY focuses on its more entrepreneurial or business hue (not mathematically nor militarily).

In relation to BUSINESS concept is described from the point of view of being a process that gives value to resources in order to provide a service (this work is concentrated in the service sector although this tool is useful in the industrial production sector) with an economic value in the market, customers (i.e. payers, who may or may not be users) are willing to buy.

Regarding the EXTENSION LEVEL OF THE STRATEGY in which we will focus on our blog focuses on the strategic and tactical levels (those who look into the company, where the heads are managers), although the PEON software can become part of operational plans.

Planning policy (one that looks outside the company where the heads are political appointees with public interests) is excluded.

In relation to the outside or inside perspective on the organization, focusing on the vision into the organization, thus excluding use this tool for planning activities to the community.

The approach that is printed at all times is high pragmatism, since the aim of this work is to create a useful tool that will:

-           collect the scheduled strategy (widely collected bibliography)

-          but that also provides a structured strategy to emerging or reactive (much less described the literature) which can respond to the constraints both internal and external of the organization that may appear at any time place.


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