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GDD: differences between price and profitability

In the previous article we talked about what is the GDD and why is optimal for those interested in sites of high performance, but a question that we solve usually is why the price differences between the two models and the differences in profitability.

The short answer is because the value received is higher, but it costs to make people understand that the web is an asset that can bring them customers and is slowly growing. For customers who spend 90% of their time doing commercial work, it is difficult to understand that simply paying a fee will get them more time for other things or they will live more rested. This is often because people take the web as who buys a poster, pay a fee and expect it to work. Actually, it's more like the vehicle that leads them to see their clients, it is very useful but need someone to drive it.

Modern methodologies allow us to be improving the web every day and, although at first is usually not noticed, when the process takes one year running is essential for the business. You can not get a significant return on your web if you do not support it in a consistent manner, with continuous improvements and marketing efforts. Traditional marketing has a much higher cost and also the reach is actually very reduced. There are many studies in different parts of the world eventually prove it. Many traditional companies focus on large traditional advertising campaigns and do not realize that a well-adjusted online campaign is much better for their balance sheets.

It is also common to expect the fast response of the traditional marketing in the online one, when online the first months is really hard to see where are the profits. From the first period returns are vastly superior and get the same viewings than would be achieved with traditional marketing is a cakewalk.




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