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Where the business strategy concept comes

Business strategy arises from very clear requirements and defined objectives. To understand the concept of corporate strategy we have to begin by understanding its origins. Where it comes from and why it is necessary.

From the 30s, mainly the United States (related to the time of the Great Depression), was born the awareness to develop professional management of companies in order to make them reach a point of competitive advantage over their competition.

The attitude and approach in the making of decisions help an individual or a system to compete with a rival and beat him, come to shape the concept of strategy. The strategy has been developed mainly in three areas, the military, the games (strategy games) and business.

Due to the principle of continuity that characterizes the entire company, it follows that every company wants to stay in time, that is, in the long run. In order to ensure this objective, it is appropriate that those responsible for the organization to take decisions which contribute to their future, both near and far.

The change in approach, intuitive to professional leadership, has been characterized by providing methods to structure and formalize decisions.

That is why from PSF and thanks to the SOxT (Strategic Oxford Tool), we intend to help the general managers of companies or a lower hierarchical level, departments or projects, to reflect on the most appropriate decisions, implement them, communicate and re-evaluate them, to adapt at all times to a changing environment, responding in a positive manner to the strategic challenge.

The aim is to present the concept of business strategy as something easy, pleasant and very productive through this tool that aims to change the model of business strategy consultancy that currently tends to dependence on external staffs from consulting firms, towards a model self-training of staff of the organization, with the purpose of it internalizes the principles of strategy and integrated into the daily routine of their daily practice.

Our slogan is we want PSF "democratizing the strategy."

This tool has the challenge of being useful, both for planned prior to decision making strategy, to register and to guide those taken in the daily life of the organization, without being associated with a formal planning process.

We hope therefore that the reader connect with the usefulness of this tool to maintain sustainability and promote the progress of your company or project area led him to a position of competitive advantage.


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