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Learn about online marketing, the importance of space vs attention

Online marketing is not new, although for many people it remains a mystery. The big problem that arises is that is not well understood the concept and what its implications are compared to traditional systems. Note that has two variants, we will talk about the second because the first is the SEM variant, which we have discussed in the past.

Today we introduce slightly the Inbound. When learning about online marketing, you should know that the web medium is not competing for space, as in other marketing media, is competing for attention. This totally changes the rules of the game, we do not want to be seen, we want to they to listen to us, to know us. For this, is not enough putting bold text or appear the first because we need to generate the client's desire to read us, to give us his attention. This is achieved by creating useful content for the user, whether blogs, video, audio, books etc ... This is not about writing text that will not read anyone or that have no interest to the user, but go slowly, knowing our customer and gaining trust with the then be customer and finally a promoter of our brand.

This requires showing a content, which must not be too long, but arrive at the particular time and be remarkable. That is, it has to be there when the potential customer need it and have to be good enough for the client to be clear that we know what we're talking about. In itself, there are several types of content, depending on whether the customer is looking to name his problem, find a solution to a problem he knows or choose different solutions among companies within your industry. But that is material for other items.

The important thing is to remember to do relevant content in a concrete moment that is remarkable. Create small puffs of wisdom, not in academic textbooks.


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