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GDD: What is Growth Driven Design

I imagine the Growth Driven Design concept has to sound totally Martian to a majority of our visitors, but it is the greatest competitive advantage provided work with us. We have been working in web design for many years and we sincerely believe that is the most useful and novel concept we have encountered so far.

Anyone with a web know of the traditional way of performing the same knows the process. We agree that an amount of money (usually important) is paid, it is expected that the project is complete and small final adjustments are made before letting it be online forever and ever. This is not an effective way to make a web development because we face several problems, for both client and the developer. Focusing on the customer, it faces several unpleasant affairs:


  • Assumes the risk of putting a lot of money on a web with which maybe won't work well
  • You do not know if you are really giving your customers what they need
  • It has a web that is becoming less productive every day because the lack opf improvements
  • At the level of cashflow is a loss that will eventually also be cyclic

We have done web design for three years in PSF, and until recently had no clear solution to all these problems, which is the Growth Driven Design.

To define it in a way in which we are all clear about what are we talking about, Growth Driven Design is a methodology that shows us how to plan the creation of a web in a holistic manner. We know how to plan it better, how to develop better, what order follow in the footsteps , how to mantain better etc...

All this is very beautiful and very interesting, but what will interest you most as a customer is explained in the following example.

If, for example, you are in asituation in which you require a web of €1500, with the traditional system you would pay an amount at baseline (€600 for example) and the rest at the end (900 €). After a month and a half, you would receive a website with the specifications requested, which would be your responsability. Any problems of usability, content values, distribution etc .... would be unresolved when presented in the web and will be developed with additional services.

With GDD, you would pay for one year €175 month. At the end of the first month you will receive a shuttle web, which would only have the basic functions you requested. For a whole year would develop this web slowly counting at all times with the feedback from its users. It does not assume great risks and know that at all times your customers have what they need. Your website is kept updated constantly and productivity grows. It is an asset to you. You do not have functions that do not add value to customers, you can know them better, see that interests them and based on this develop perfect solutions for them. Nor you have to make certain decisions in a hasty way, as it will take them time and better data.

Therefore, by Growth Driven Design a cheaper web start is obtained, which also obtain best results. Itself, we link our goals with yours, seeking a website that really makes money. Our idea is that at the end of the first year, not only we have already hired a marketing plan of your website, but also your are willing to hire us many more in the future. In short, we want our business relationship is constant, continuous and lasting in time.

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