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Must haves of Web Design: SEO and SEM easily explained

Anyone who has had a web has ever had to fight with these concepts. What is SEO, SEM, positioning etc ... The mania that we have people with a computer side to use acronyms is no help. Therefore, we will make a very basic explanation of what is each concept.

SEO is nothing but improvements for search engines to know that we have spoken in a particular page our website. In this article I'm explaining that SEO and SEM in a simple way, but I have a number of ways that just as you understand, the browser understands too. Complicated SEO strategies are a thing of the past, what is intended is always meet with excellence protocols than use more bizarre or technically challenging ways. Currently, the share of organic positioning (which is where the work of SEO focus) is much more typical of online marketing than SEO. Inbound Marketing continuous work will cause much higher that the world best SEO benefits.

Then there is the SEM, which is paid advertising similar to which we are accustomed, but in online format. Its popularity is because there is not minimum spending and its effectiveness is extremely superior to traditional advertising. It can be done in social networks like Facebook or Linkedin, search engines like Google or Yahoo websites and even networks with large numbers of visitors. It is a way to get a quick boost of visits to certain customers or perform an action (such as calling our office, sign up for our Newsletter ...). The major drawback it has is the reduced effectiveness in order to maintain a steady flow of visitors if the investment is not continuous, but it's certainly an interesting idea with the growth of our company.

SEO and SEM are two tools that together are useful, but you have to keep in mind that SEO can function without SEM but SEM not function without SEO. Therefore, a good web design from the beginning is crucial for a website to be relevant and finished by returning the investment placed in it.

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