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Las consultoras en Andorra doblan la cifra de expedientes de españoles, franceses y latinoamericanos por la Fiscalidad y el virus

Las reformas fiscales y administrativas aplicadas en Andorra desde 2012 han sido una atractivo para la inversión extranjera y han despertado el interés de empresas, pymes y profesionales para elegir el Principado para sus nuevos negocios. La pandemia y el postconfinamiento han acrecentado esta tendencia por el atractivo de pagar menos impuestos y, en parte, gracias […]

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Andorra closes tax agreements with the Netherlands, Belgium and Hungary

Foreign Minister Maria Ubach announces that negotiations with the Netherlands, Belgium and Hungary on the non-double taxation agreement are well advanced and should be closed this year. The same does not happen with Germany, which considers that Andorra does not have enough economic activity to motivate them to negotiate. Instead, negotiations with Italy could begin […]


According to the CRES

According to the CRES (Center for Sociological Research), 3% of Andorran companies will close due to the impact of Covid-19 on the business and future prospects. ERTOs have helped the survival of many companies and protect jobs. The formula is being expanded beyond December 31. Keep reading https://www.diariandorra.ad/noticies/nacional/2020/09/04/un_les_empreses_diu_que_haura_tancar_166264_1125.html?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20200904&utm_content=noticia

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News COVID 2nd Law Omnibus

Temporary suspension of employment contracts and reduction of working hours (ERTO) Article 7. Object the temporary period during which the salaried person continues to join the company but is suspended or reduced to the effective development of his / her working day. Article 9. Temporary scope of application period from May 1, […]


Non-profit residence, living in Andorra in 2020

Live from your income in a European country, safe and with quality of life. Non-profit residence The non-profit residence is one of the ways that Andorra allows foreign citizens to settle in the country. It is intended for people who, according to their situation, enjoy financial freedom and therefore intend to live, but do not […]

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Coronavirus in Andorra. How is it affecting?

We have all heard of the already well-known, officially pandemic, coronavirus. It has left more than 120 thousand affected throughout the world, including the more than two thousand cases detected in Spain. And in the meantime, what is happening in Andorra? Coronavirus in Andorra Outside of controversies about the media reports of the panic situation […]