About us


Brief story

PSF emerges in 2013 as a company dedicated to helping all those who seek to reside in the principality and to provide a strong online presence to the entities that need it. It operated from its beginnings like a "networked company", with several collaborators who were part of the work and a nucleus in the country that was dedicated to the subjects that concerned exclusively to Andorra. Over the years and growth we have internalized many of the functions and expanded the team, although we continue to have a group of collaborators that become essential in times of hard work.


We work to offer services of integral consultation of maximum quality, exigence and personalization to companies and particulars that want to use Andorra as a way of patrimonial optimization or international expansion for their business. We want to achieve the leadership of the integral consultation in the country.


We want to give service to all the people who want to reside in the country or to give a boost to its brand always maintaining a level of technology and service as high as possible.

 We are looking for marketing and accounting profiles, if you think you may find, contact with us!